“little empathy for their attention or interest or given affection and reject them by mentally boycotting myself by wearing them down through random texts”

I’d like to participate but i wouldn’t consider myself successful with women. Instead i tend to reject most women if they are not perfect. Sometimes i make plans and cancel at the very last minute. I seem to enjoy the idea of spending time with them sometimes even having sex. But at the last minute i much prefer being alone and not deal with them specially if in someway i know that it would lead to more even if it is just sex. I rather not get involved at all. I think the problem is that i like someone i can’t have and no one would ever be that person. I wouldn’t settle with a second or third price. Mentally if it’s not what i want i don’t want anything else. I get a great thrill knowing that i’m very charming and treat girls very nicely, enough to be well liked and sought after. But in the end none of these girls stand any chance. I have been drunk enough to make out with some but i never make it into bed cause i wouldn’t want to compromise or deal with having to explain that i don’t really or could fancy anyone else. I have never treated girls poorly in anyway but i’m beginning to feel Psychopathic in terms of having little empathy for their attention or interest or given affection and reject them by mentally boycotting myself by wearing them down through random texts that describe how i feel towards certain topics or people, politics. religion, gender or whatever is relevant at the time that could provoke adversity or controversy, Many times i enjoy the reactions knowing that i can really wind these girls up. Sometimes i ask them to send me provocative or cheeky messages to arouse myself enough but then afterwards i turn things off. Many times i feel like these actions make these girls like me more. I am technically very single and available but impervious to any commitment or compromise that could involve more than momentary attention. When i get completely bored i suggest that i get set up with one of their friends to attend a certain party where i would need to be seen with a very specific person usually different enough to the person i ask for help. I don’t sleep around but do amuse myself doing this so much now that i find it a way to get attention from several people without any compromise or guilt cause i’m note really doing more than interacting mostly by text.

“My double is licking your double so hard that your double is squirting in my double’s mouth…we should should do the same thing and see if the world will explode”

Hi Jowita. That’s a very unique name 🙂
I’m Mike. We can talk through email initially.
Obviously, since you’re interested in writing a book about the topic, don’t be surprised if I flirt with you. Having said that..Jowita is a woman’s name correct?? Lol. If not I guess we’re both going to learn something ahahah

Well, the book is written already. This is for the website ( Yes, I am a woman. Let me know when you’re around to talk (Is here ok?).

First, obviously I was on CL [Craigslist] a woman is asking a question and let’s face it…most of the ad are a waste of time.

Okay, well… tell me why did you want to talk about this?

How do you seduce women?

Seducing depends on the situation. I like to be blunt mostly…I think brutal honesty can be shocking and good at the same time.

Sex leads to all things good…so I guess it depends on the person.

When I was younger it was 1 night stands then I got married..then I got divorced and it was 1 night stands. I think I have a pattern lol

I’m 48, 5’9″, slim, fit..longer blonde hair, blue eyes. Had a guy in a bar last week call over and asked me what band I played for lol

“Blunt honesty” as a tactic: so you just tell them you want to sleep with them? Can you give me an example of a pick-up line?

Do you sleep with (or have you) people simply because you are attractive? Can you elaborate if yes?

This line actually worked. I was in a strip club and the waitress was serving us. After awhile and talking to her I said…”Do u believe that people have a double somewhere in the world?” She hesitated and I continued, “Well I do and my double is licking your double so hard that your double is squirting in my double’s mouth…we should should do the same thing and see if the world will explode”

Did it work?

Yes it did work 🙂

That’s what’s so amazing about people..u can be as direct as you want..some people think its rude and some people think its giving them attention..maybe freeing in a way as there’s nothing underhanded or surprises….it just is what it is.

Actually I don’t like to brag about things like that but I do like to share funny stories which I have my fair share of.

Look at CL ads for BBW…and rethink who’s hard to get lol

If I understand ur last question.. have I ever used someone to just get off..
I think yes….drunk…nothing to do…know I could go over and get laid…so yes

Let me ask you something…after asking so many question of med u don’t know…ever get turned on to the point that u think about answers and those answers help u get off when you’re alone??

Or have you heard so many stories that you’re sensitized to it… how many bjs can you watch on porn before the viewer doesn’t get turned on anymore.

What motivates you to write about this? Do you like the shock value as well…I see you used the word fuck on your blog…I’m thinking you like to push the envelope

Am I close?

What is it about sex that interests you…why pick that subject as opposed to “why do ISIS men say they are Muslim but rape western women for fun” or is that ur next book. You’re European so you are more liberal sexually than most….my opinion 🙂

Because I wrote a book called GUY that talks about what some men are really like from a male point view. And I wanted this site to supplement the book. And because I’m genuinely curious.

A man comes up to you and says “let’s go back to my place and fuck..or have sex..or let me go down on you”. Your reaction is??? Why would other women have different reactions….I think men play odds…how many times can u ask and get a “no” before u get a yes.

I have actually come out of a bar and standing on the corner asked a girl if she wanted to go back to my place “just up the street” to fuck…and she said yes. What led her to just let herself go with it.

My friend and I caught the same cab as a giel and said why don’t u come with us..she said sure..and took her back to my place afterwards and has sex…after talking with her…found out she just wanted to let loose…right place right time or just lucky lol

Good morning J
After all that talk about sex..we never got into likes and dislikes and kinks. I woke up very horny….thanks 🙂

I’m not flirting with you.

Is that a statement or an explanation?

(I didn’t reply because I wasn’t sure if I was flirting. A thing to consider?)

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