What do I do… that’s a good question. I don’t think I do anything all that exceptional. I’m good at finding real adds and answering them in a way that addresses what they’re looking for i guess, rather than just being like “hey baby, lets fuck” and sending a pick of my cock lol. once I actually get a response back from a girl is when things get interesting. I talk to a lot more girls than I meet. and I meet more girls than I actually fuck. In some ways, the failures are probably more interesting.

In my life I’ve been with about 75 girls, the last few years I bag about 12-15 a year on CL, and no pros or sugar babies or anything like that, all girls who are looking to fuck on one level or another. I have 2 right now who just come over every week or so just to have sex with me. We never go out, never do anything else. I bought the one a couple drinks on our first meeting, that’s it. They’ve both been steady for a few months. What guy wouldn’t want to sit home on his ass wondering which fuck buddy to invite over tonight? lol This place (CL) is a gold mine if you know what you’re doing and aren’t an ass, which it seems most of the guys here are. I think, no I know, I’d probably have better luck if all the sketchos didn’t scare half the girls away.