How old are you?  46

How many women have you been with?  Close to 100 

Do you have a pick-up technique?

There is no one “technique”. Every woman is different. Every situation is different. What you might do to pick up a woman on CL  might be COMPLETELY different than what you do with someone you met in a bar and radically different from what you might do to a woman you see every day in a certain setting (such as work or the gym). There is one common denominator though and that is you need to CONNECT. The brain is the greatest erogenous zone and if you can connect with a woman in that manner then she will give you all the clues and hints to open her legs. 

What do you think makes men most successful with women?

This depends on the woman. Some women are turned on by money and power. Some are turned on by big muscles. The majority of women are turned on by INTELLIGENCE. 

What are your deal breakers when it comes to women?

Hygiene and class. A gum snapping bimbo will make my hard-on go limp. Smoking is also a turn off. It implies a lack of self control and a lack of intelligence. Don’t get me wrong- if a woman could only smoke one cigarette (after sex maybe?) or with a drink than it’s no different than a man smoking an occasional cigar but a chain smoker is just plain gross. 

Is there a difference between a girl for just one night versus a relationship “material”? What’s the difference?

This is obviously a personal decision. I have had long term relationships with women that I slept with immediately and vice versa. Again- if you both mutually agree on a NSA on-night stand, than your criteria are going to be a little different but it all starts with attraction (both physical and mental). The nuances come with things you figure out later- like how you each feel about situations and ideas. (Especially when you start talking about saving money, raising children religion and politics). 

What do you think women get wrong about men? Or what would you like women to know about men that you don’t think they do?

I think more women have men figured out than men have women figured out (not including myself…LOL). I think both need to know that in order for a relationship to work (and this goes for both the sexual and other aspects) they need to constantly ask themselves “How would this make my partner feel”. They have to look at things from both perspectives and truly make the effort to make sure the other feels appreciated.

Do you believe in monogamy and if yes/ no, why?

I do and I don’t. It’s really a personal decision and while I think it should be the goal of everyone in a relationship- we all will admit to having either cravings or actual experiences outside of our relationship (including myself)

What’s the strangest date you’ve ever been on?

Had a girl stalk me- she made it a point to be become friends with my friends and even family. After her practically insisting I take her out- I caved and we went out for dinner. While she knew we were going to a very nice steakhouose, she never told me she was vegan so dinner became “drinks”. After a few drinks, I noticed a nasty scar on her left wrist. I asked about it and she stated she had put her hand through the glass part of a door during a fight with her ex-BF. A short time later I noticed a matching scar on her RIGHT wrist. I claimed to be tired, took her home and after dropping her off- found out my friends were driving around looking for me when they found out I had a date with that “crazy suicidal girl”. 

Would you go to bed with a woman you’re not attracted to just because why not? And why?

No- it’s like mutual masturbation at that point and I have a great imagination and I’m good with my right hand so if I needed to pretend I’m with someone else- I might as well just jerk off. 

Anything else you’d like to share?-

LOTS!!!!   Tell me which you want to hear more about. My last FWB (age 23), the mother and daughter who wanted to sleep with me, the employee who tried to have sex with me, the vendor who didn’t realize we knew each other when I answered her CL ad for NSA….and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. (Maybe we should write a book together 😉