I’d like to participate but i wouldn’t consider myself successful with women. Instead i tend to reject most women if they are not perfect. Sometimes i make plans and cancel at the very last minute. I seem to enjoy the idea of spending time with them sometimes even having sex. But at the last minute i much prefer being alone and not deal with them specially if in someway i know that it would lead to more even if it is just sex. I rather not get involved at all. I think the problem is that i like someone i can’t have and no one would ever be that person. I wouldn’t settle with a second or third price. Mentally if it’s not what i want i don’t want anything else. I get a great thrill knowing that i’m very charming and treat girls very nicely, enough to be well liked and sought after. But in the end none of these girls stand any chance. I have been drunk enough to make out with some but i never make it into bed cause i wouldn’t want to compromise or deal with having to explain that i don’t really or could fancy anyone else. I have never treated girls poorly in anyway but i’m beginning to feel Psychopathic in terms of having little empathy for their attention or interest or given affection and reject them by mentally boycotting myself by wearing them down through random texts that describe how i feel towards certain topics or people, politics. religion, gender or whatever is relevant at the time that could provoke adversity or controversy, Many times i enjoy the reactions knowing that i can really wind these girls up. Sometimes i ask them to send me provocative or cheeky messages to arouse myself enough but then afterwards i turn things off. Many times i feel like these actions make these girls like me more. I am technically very single and available but impervious to any commitment or compromise that could involve more than momentary attention. When i get completely bored i suggest that i get set up with one of their friends to attend a certain party where i would need to be seen with a very specific person usually different enough to the person i ask for help. I don’t sleep around but do amuse myself doing this so much now that i find it a way to get attention from several people without any compromise or guilt cause i’m note really doing more than interacting mostly by text.