“I’m also well endowed, have great staying power and have learned how to give my partners so many orgasms that they lose count..”

I have been single for about a year, after a 10 year loveless and sexless relationship.  My gal was a ___, I was faithful to her, moved several times for her career. She always resented that I didn’t make as much money as her (I’m an ____). I finally discovered she had been having multiple affairs, and we ended our relationship.
 I decided to have some fun for myself this past year. Not really knowing where or  how to start, I discovered Craigslist Casual Encounters.  I have since tried Ashley Madison with no success (too snobby), and a swing site (that I have had success with).  I have not tried Tinder or OK Cupid but I hear that it is very easy to meet women there, I may have to switch over! 🙂  Again, not really knowing much about it, I fell into the habit  of using the CL casual encounter section almost exclusively.  I actually don’t like it that much, it’s a mess and a pain, but I’ve learned how to make it work for me, which results in meeting women and couples for sex on a regular enough basis that I keep going back.  I might meet someone once or twice a month, which is actually enough for me. I don’ t have time for someone new every other night.  Some of my connections have led to other liasons, which has been nice.
So here is my take on the CL Casual Encounters and what I get out of it.  It is at least 50% hookers, and at least that is pretty obvious. They are vulgar and in your face with pics and a phone # and you know what it is, so you can ignore or pursue if desired.  Then it is about 25% credit-card robo-scam, where you are lured in with a provocative post and pic and led to a website to meet someone at which point you are asked to give your CC# and private info.  I really hate that waste of time.  Oddly, about 20% of the W4M ads are gay guys posing as women, trying to lure closeted straight guys for blowjobs.  This is the weirdest part of the M4W, because the gay guys are really good at seducing and leading you on. I wish they could have their own section “gay dudes posing as women 4 Gay men posing as straights”. It would save a lot of hassle and confusion.  Finally, maybe 5% of the ads are real women like you  posting for some kind of hook-up. [not]  I think there are easily 1,000 ads a day in the CL CE section, so maybe 50 tops are “real”, the rest are something else.
The challenge then, is to figure out which ads are “real” and which are fake (and 95% are fake). I’ve learned to spot the fakes and real ads pretty well, so I can respond to a few ads a day, maybe 10 or 20 a week, and get a real response.  I understand from the women I meet, that they get bombarded with crude responses and weird replies. If I put a good faith effort into a reply,  it often gets some sort of reply.  After that it’s just kismet whether we’re a match or not.  For every 25 replies a week  that I send, I might get 5 responses a week.  Of those 5 responses, maybe one or two a month pan out to meet and go further.  Usually, by the time we meet, we’ve chatted by email, text and phone, and she’s comfortable meeting me in public.  We’ve flirted and exchanged naughty pics, she’s told me some of the sexy things she wants a guy to do for her. She’s teasing me.  This whole process might take a week or two, and that works for me.  Occasionally It is a same day proposition, but just as often it might take a week or two or more.  I’m an ___, and patient about things by nature, so I’m in no rush.  So I’ve answered a hundred ads in a month, gotten 10-20 replies, and finally met one or two women, who have decided that I’m the right guy to have sex with.
I actually don’t like one night stands. It’s all too much work, and I don’ t really have the mercenary instinct to love ’em and leave ’em.  I actually love women, not just for their bodies, and I enjoy getting to know them and being part of their routine.  I like to arrange an ongoing, regular thing. maybe once a week or every other  week.  I like to know that there is someone I can see regularly, that  I know what they like, they know what I like. I do spend the night, or they spend the night at my place. I’m upfront that I was in a long term relationship  and just want a casual FWB NSA arrangement.  It usually works fine, because those are what the ads that I have responded to have been posted for.  So they know that I’m there for the regular fuck-buddy arrangement, and it works for them to have a guy once a week that is reliable and can give them what they want.  It doesn’t hurt that I’m, laid back, fit, attractive, educated and  ridiculously horny. I’m also well endowed, have great staying  power and have learned how to  give my partners so many orgasms that  they lose count and eventually collapse with pleasure. 🙂
So, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to sleep with a lot of women. But I  know better than to think that it is possible, or even that great when  it is possible.  It is too much work mentally and physically, and I think you have to burn too many bridges and be too much of cold-hearted asshole.  I prefer to get an ongoing thing, and keep it going until it runs it’s natural course.  I tell my GFs that I see other people, and I encourage them to if they want to.  I’m currently seeing two girls, each once a week. I also have a few couples that I have connected with that I seen maybe once a month.  I’m also “on call” with some buddies for occasional parties and MFM connections with gals they meet who like that kind of thing.  So I get laid, two  or three times a week, that’s plenty.  I like the variety and the regularity.  I get to see some girls regularly as well as get a little variety. So far everyone is happy.
I do think it is addictive, but that’s stating the obvious. Sex feels amazing, right?  What is better?  Your body is releasing all sorts of chemicals in your brain that mimic a heroin high. It feels so good that you just want  to do it again and again and again. And when you find out you can, you become like a junkie trying to get a fix! 🙂  Aside from the chemical addiction aspect, there is also the ego boost aspect of scoring with strangers. It does become a sort of quest and challenge.
Of course, I’m leaving the female dynamic  out of all of this.. The girls I’ve met want something similar. A guy to screw when they are feeling horny.  I haven’t run into the clingy GF scenario yet, but I think it is because I’m upfront about wanting to keep it casual and occasional, and  I encourage them to see other guys too.

“You probably haven’t bought any sexy knickers since your last boyfriend dumped you (you still tell people he dumped you) and you sit with red wine late at night on Craigface or whatever. Sometimes in the bath.”

I don’t mean to be rude but are you having a giggle.  There is nothing new about this story.  I am not a PUA (Pick up artist) myself but have studied the subject, for similar reasons I imagine that you have studied casual encounters.  The question begs of course what exactly is your experience in this field?  You do not say how it will benefit and I suspect you have just written without much consideration for the people about whom you write.  It’s called Grandeur.

We can talk, but I hate smalltalk.  I’m guessing you’re late 20s and live in a small town and never spent any time in a city in your life.  I wonder who your market is.  You probably haven’t bought any sexy knickers since your last boyfriend dumped you (you still tell people he dumped you) and you sit with red wine late at night on Craigface or whatever.  Sometimes in the bath.
[I explained the project. I asked if he was “negging” me.]
Surprisingly negging is a simple concept but socially quite tricky to get right. Women do it all the time it is more natural for them. I guess that’s why it is an effective part of game. But kino escalation working the two or three sets and also pre selection very powerful concept! As I said though put into practice its all a bit sociopathic!

I read “The Game” a few years ago and worked game for a while. Psychologically it is interesting but ultiamtely pathological. I thought there was a slim chance of you being my friend ___. She wrote a book called the list of Craig about 18 months ago which was a journal of meeting people from Craig’s list and not always complying with their strange requests. I think there was something there but it probably needed refined. She has since moved from London bit would probably be interested in chatting about it if you want to?

As for why I was on Craigslist? Take a guess….. I’m a reasonably normal guy though.

Sorry I didn’t mean to be so abrupt – in a bad mood and also thought it might be ___.

The Game was interesting though. I remember at the time seeing this girl and she said, “___ my sister just read “The Game” stop working game on me.” Totally unintentional. I think an interesting aspect is from the female side…

I’m nearly 32.

“I’m never usually there by morning.”

I have been with 24 women and counting I was married but the single life ruined it as I was always distracted by all the passing by opportunities after that finished i found it very easy to pick up woman from pubs especially ones that drink alone I became obsessed  and eventually became a slut sleeping with whoever whenever but regardless of how pissed or off my face I was I was always safe. I find it hard finding relationships because I don’t feel like I can make a connection with woman because I’m never usually there by morning.

“The weirdest thing I have a 19 yr old girl who has been to me 8 times now and she’s never ever seen my face not once! Please tell me how mad that is in this day and age!”

I have used dating sites and am currently seeing someone full time as such but craigslist and whisper are great for meeting people for sex
I have lots of unbelievable stories but most people wouldn’t believe them ! Just a very quick one I am a Dom and advertised to anyone who wanted to be tied up and pleasured the ad I will send you as a copy right here below:
You will arrive on my doorstep and before I answer the door I will ask you to close your eyes, when you have done that I will open the door and blindfold you, I will then lead you by the hand into my apartment where you will be taken into my bedroom, put against a wall and kissed passionately, while kissing you you will be undressed, my hands and tongue exploring every inch of you your face, neck, breasts, down to your stomach, thighs, legs, onto your very intimate parts, when you are naked you will then be lain on my bed and restrained from all four corners ( the restraints come open if pulled hard for your safety ) you will then be made to cum over and over with my fingers, tongue, toys and other parts of me, I will stop only when you beg me to stop, but if before them you say please stop, or use a safe word we both know I will stop immediately and take off the blindfold, but that doesn’t happen very often i must be honest , after you   Beg me to stop I will stop and unrestrain you take the blindfold off and then and only then we will say hello and meet face to face !
That’s sent to a woman once she’s interested and I’ve had lots come to me for the above scenario, and the weirdest thing I have a 19 yr old girl who has been to me 8 times now and she’s never ever seen my face not once !! Please tell me how mad that is in this day and age !! She’s absolutely stunning as well and I’m 51 very overweight and she wouldn’t give me the time of day in the street in fact she has been int taxi 4 times now and she has absolutely no idea who I am!

“I’m guessing between 500-700.” — A charming, well-dressed, polite English male escort

Hi, it’s Jack. The escort in London, UK.

(He asked for my name, sent a photo and asked for a photo back. We talked about why I’m doing his project, why I advertised on the UK Craigslist, etc. I condensed some of the questions I asked and comments I made, such as “I agree” because who cares; this is about him, not me.)

Why did you become an escort? You cater to both genders?

I’m straight. And I’m happy to do dinner dates with guys. And I have male voyeur clients who pay me to do live sex shows with female escorts too.

What inspired you to become an escort?

I enjoy good restaurants and sex… So I thought why not get paid for it?

But how did you figure out women would pay for your company? Do you have a steady clientele?

Yes… A few regulars. Through my first online advert.

What do women want? What kind of women do you sleep with/ date?

It varies. Most are married. Not all. Not always sex. Sometimes just companionship. Massages, dinner dates, drinks. Wedding plus-ones.

Are they attractive? Do you date outside of your work?

Usually very attractive. [They’re] often in London on business from overseas. Yes, I date casually too. I’m currently single, but my last long-term girlfriend was fully supportive of me escorting.

How many women have you slept with?

I’m guessing between 500-700.

How do you pick up regular non-paid dates?

I’m just a charming, well-dressed, polite Englishman.

So women approach you?

I’m quite chivalrous. Of course.

Do you ever approach?

Rarely. London is a very progressive and liberal city.

What’s the biggest mistake women make when dating?

Many women plan their “future” too soon, with men.

How soon is too soon?

It’s not measurable by time. It’s measurable by understanding someone.

And what about the male mind?

There’s no one version of a mind… Male or female! The biggest mistake people make is pandering to the gender stereotypes. When they should highlight the similarities not the differences. I’m successful because I understand people — not “men” or “women.” I just happen to be straight so I end up in bed with women.

What if a very plain (by your standards) woman came on to you, not to hire you… How would you treat that situation?

I’d politely say I was flattered but not looking.

Never “pity sex?”


What if she paid?

The legal status of escorting in the UK is complex. I can legally only charge for my time and companionship. Whatever then happens during that time is the choice of consenting adults. Dinner and drinks yes. If we had a spark and an attraction, we could have sex too.

What do women like in bed?

Again, it varies.

No, I know that. Let’s approach differently. Would you be up for anything? And I do wonder if there’s an increase in S&M type of stuff after 50Shades?

I’ll show you the advert I use with my female colleagues…

Hello respectful gentlemen and voyeurs of London. We are Kelly and Jack, an established, friendly, confident and open couple based on ____. If you would like to join us for various levels of involvement, please let us know…

250 to watch

300 to watch and touch

500 to join in (safe only)

Prices are per hour, but we are not “clock watchers” so you might easily get two hours for the same price.

Kelly is a hot, tall bi blonde, 22-year-old model (think of Lara Stone and you’re on the right lines!). She’s quite submissive, and happy to dress to please for your viewing pleasure. If you are feeling particularly generous, we are happy to include an extra hot girlfriend if you’d like to watch a live threesome. Ask us for prices, if that’s your thing.

Jack is a 40-year-old charming yet dominant Englishman. He will seduce Kelly and bring her to multiple climax before your eyes.

Please note, we only either host at our apartment in ____ or travel to your pre-booked hotel. We will also attend swingers’ clubs with you for the same rates. We don’t attend private residences.

We are happy to voice verify or cam to prove we are genuine. We will also send you a couple of pics.

Our age difference makes us ideal for student/ teacher or even daddy/ daughter roleplay shows. We are clean, polite, educated and respectful. You’ll be in our home and we expect manners and non-pushiness. That said, we will have a wonderful time. Cash only for first 2/3 meets. Thereafter we are happy to set up a standing order if you’d like regular monthly shows.

But you go separate ways too?

Yes… It’s an act. We role-play a polyamorous foursome sometimes for clients. And yes, there’s a definite 50Shades effect.

Are you in love?

Not currently in love. Been single since January.

I mean with Kelly?

Ha ha ha, she’s gay! Just a friend/ escort.

But she sleeps with you for the performances?


What kind of woman are you into in your private life?

I only date bi girls as a general rule. They help me select the girls I work with. And we all continue partying after the client has left. The sexual intensity of being passionately kissed whilst getting a blow job is mindblowing.

So they [the real girlfriends] are a bit like scouts?

Ha ha ha a bit.

But these pick-ups are just for fun?

Threesomes are mildly addictive… I couldn’t live without them now. (I’m a freelance ____ too. The escorting is just a fun sideline for extra cash.)

Have you ever turn down a paying request and why?

Yes. Poo/ pain/ blood, etc.

[I thanked him, he told me to look him up in the UK, we wrapped it up with emojis.]

“I was 21 before I even considered having sex.”

Growing up, I wasn’t the most confident person socially, but I was incredibly confident intellectually. This lead me to be an introvert for most of my childhood. Once I got to highschool things changed. I’ve always been comfortable in my own skin, and the older you get that translates into confidence. By the end of high school I was 6’7″ and it seemed like everybody knew me, even though I didn’t work overly hard to cultivate that. I just stuck to being me. I was honest at a level most people aren’t. I was honest with myself. I wound up dating one of the most popular girls at a high school that wasn’t mine, but I didn’t care what that meant. I liked her for her so I approached her in exactly that fashion.
Once I made the sojourn into college and adult life, I lived by that mantra. I stayed honest to myself and by extension everyone else, which means I was 21 before I even considered having sex. When I decided it was time to try, though… I could have easily “picked up” any woman I wanted because there is one thing that women want that they almost never seem to get: honesty. Lying and deceiving require so much more preparation and thought than just being honest. I knew that eventually I’d find someone that wanted to be with me because of who I was… why rush it?
So long story short, that’s how I picked up women. I was honest from day 1…. about everything. I would even make a point of having a conversation once I knew I liked her beyond physical attraction that I wanted to experience her intimately… and either I have good timing or I’m horribly naive about modern women… but I was never turned down and it never felt forced.
Either way, that was my greatest triumph and I learned it well before I even cared about the opposite sex.

“…turned on by seeing me suck…”

I don’t know if I’m good at picking up women or just lucky.   I know the fact that being Bi sexual helps.  Women seem to love and be turned on by seeing me suck cock with her.   Also I find it interesting how many ladies want an older man.

“I know this may sound egotistical but many women today seem to be more clingy than in the past.”

Nickname/ name: James

How old are you? 53

What’s your relationship status? Married

How many women do you think you’ve slept with? Unknown for sure – 30 – 45

Is your aim to sleep with as many women as you can or what are you’re looking for in relationships?

Not looking for a relationship, I have that. Just enjoy sex with different partners once in awhile

What do you do to “prevent” from falling in love?

I am already in love with my wife… it is mostly keeping the female from falling in love. I always remind them and am up front about my intentions.

What’s your opinion on cuddling?

OK – depending on the circumstances and situation

How do you seduce women?

Be myself

Do you neg? If yes, why? Does it work for you?


What do you wish women knew about men that they don’t necessarily?

I think that most men (including me) are turned off by stupid (dumb blonde routine).

In this age of political correctness what is one (or two or ten) thing(s) that you find challenging? For example, do you worry about hitting on women might be perceived as sexual harassment? Do you worry about complimenting women in case it gets taken the wrong way?

I work in a professional environment. I am always conscious (unless I know the person very well) of what and how I say it to women for fear it may be taken negatively.

It is a different world today. Women hit on me and flirt just as much or more than me.

I know this may sound egotistical but many women today seem to be more clingy than in the past. I find women look at things a little different than men (me). For example, when I was single I would invite a woman over for the night. Many found it difficult to just have the evening and the memory, they were already wanting to re-arrange my furniture and move in…

I am not certain, just my opinion but, I think it is a good thing in a way that women are going after what they want. Not just sitting back hoping some guy will come in and save them from what ever.

“Scooters are like fat girls, great fun to ride until your friends find out.” Thoughts?

I never hear it put that way before. I have dated fat girls in the past. I am attracted to brains, wit and charm. And it beautiful gets mixed in with that, all the better. My current wife is beautiful, confident in herself, very intelligent (works in the computer field).
I do admit that I like to take a fat girl out for a spin once in awhile  🙂

“My double is licking your double so hard that your double is squirting in my double’s mouth…we should should do the same thing and see if the world will explode”

Hi Jowita. That’s a very unique name 🙂
I’m Mike. We can talk through email initially.
Obviously, since you’re interested in writing a book about the topic, don’t be surprised if I flirt with you. Having said that..Jowita is a woman’s name correct?? Lol. If not I guess we’re both going to learn something ahahah

Well, the book is written already. This is for the website ( Yes, I am a woman. Let me know when you’re around to talk (Is here ok?).

First, obviously I was on CL [Craigslist] a woman is asking a question and let’s face it…most of the ad are a waste of time.

Okay, well… tell me why did you want to talk about this?

How do you seduce women?

Seducing depends on the situation. I like to be blunt mostly…I think brutal honesty can be shocking and good at the same time.

Sex leads to all things good…so I guess it depends on the person.

When I was younger it was 1 night stands then I got married..then I got divorced and it was 1 night stands. I think I have a pattern lol

I’m 48, 5’9″, slim, fit..longer blonde hair, blue eyes. Had a guy in a bar last week call over and asked me what band I played for lol

“Blunt honesty” as a tactic: so you just tell them you want to sleep with them? Can you give me an example of a pick-up line?

Do you sleep with (or have you) people simply because you are attractive? Can you elaborate if yes?

This line actually worked. I was in a strip club and the waitress was serving us. After awhile and talking to her I said…”Do u believe that people have a double somewhere in the world?” She hesitated and I continued, “Well I do and my double is licking your double so hard that your double is squirting in my double’s mouth…we should should do the same thing and see if the world will explode”

Did it work?

Yes it did work 🙂

That’s what’s so amazing about people..u can be as direct as you want..some people think its rude and some people think its giving them attention..maybe freeing in a way as there’s nothing underhanded or surprises….it just is what it is.

Actually I don’t like to brag about things like that but I do like to share funny stories which I have my fair share of.

Look at CL ads for BBW…and rethink who’s hard to get lol

If I understand ur last question.. have I ever used someone to just get off..
I think yes….drunk…nothing to do…know I could go over and get laid…so yes

Let me ask you something…after asking so many question of med u don’t know…ever get turned on to the point that u think about answers and those answers help u get off when you’re alone??

Or have you heard so many stories that you’re sensitized to it… how many bjs can you watch on porn before the viewer doesn’t get turned on anymore.

What motivates you to write about this? Do you like the shock value as well…I see you used the word fuck on your blog…I’m thinking you like to push the envelope

Am I close?

What is it about sex that interests you…why pick that subject as opposed to “why do ISIS men say they are Muslim but rape western women for fun” or is that ur next book. You’re European so you are more liberal sexually than most….my opinion 🙂

Because I wrote a book called GUY that talks about what some men are really like from a male point view. And I wanted this site to supplement the book. And because I’m genuinely curious.

A man comes up to you and says “let’s go back to my place and fuck..or have sex..or let me go down on you”. Your reaction is??? Why would other women have different reactions….I think men play odds…how many times can u ask and get a “no” before u get a yes.

I have actually come out of a bar and standing on the corner asked a girl if she wanted to go back to my place “just up the street” to fuck…and she said yes. What led her to just let herself go with it.

My friend and I caught the same cab as a giel and said why don’t u come with us..she said sure..and took her back to my place afterwards and has sex…after talking with her…found out she just wanted to let loose…right place right time or just lucky lol

Good morning J
After all that talk about sex..we never got into likes and dislikes and kinks. I woke up very horny….thanks 🙂

I’m not flirting with you.

Is that a statement or an explanation?

(I didn’t reply because I wasn’t sure if I was flirting. A thing to consider?)

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