What men are afraid is to be honest. Confidence, charisma, compliments.
I can say I haven’t picked up a girl for casual sex but have been chosen to perform who doesn’t like a sure thing; was about 27 approached a girl to tell her how attractive she was  she smiled and said you’ll have to do better than that. I said can I show you then and yes I produced myself and was then a sure thing.
Went back to hers and pleased her every way I knew how ( CCC ) [no idea what this stands for]
I was at party girl in kitchen was being droned over by half dozen guys trying to entertain her. I kept my distance but just close enough to catch her eye and mouthed hello she looked long enough for me to gesture for her to follow me and she did in to the bathroom where I dropped to my knees raising her dress ( yummy ) I later learned her partner was in another room.
I could go on, there’s a lot more.