I have used dating sites and am currently seeing someone full time as such but craigslist and whisper are great for meeting people for sex
I have lots of unbelievable stories but most people wouldn’t believe them ! Just a very quick one I am a Dom and advertised to anyone who wanted to be tied up and pleasured the ad I will send you as a copy right here below:
You will arrive on my doorstep and before I answer the door I will ask you to close your eyes, when you have done that I will open the door and blindfold you, I will then lead you by the hand into my apartment where you will be taken into my bedroom, put against a wall and kissed passionately, while kissing you you will be undressed, my hands and tongue exploring every inch of you your face, neck, breasts, down to your stomach, thighs, legs, onto your very intimate parts, when you are naked you will then be lain on my bed and restrained from all four corners ( the restraints come open if pulled hard for your safety ) you will then be made to cum over and over with my fingers, tongue, toys and other parts of me, I will stop only when you beg me to stop, but if before them you say please stop, or use a safe word we both know I will stop immediately and take off the blindfold, but that doesn’t happen very often i must be honest , after you   Beg me to stop I will stop and unrestrain you take the blindfold off and then and only then we will say hello and meet face to face !
That’s sent to a woman once she’s interested and I’ve had lots come to me for the above scenario, and the weirdest thing I have a 19 yr old girl who has been to me 8 times now and she’s never ever seen my face not once !! Please tell me how mad that is in this day and age !! She’s absolutely stunning as well and I’m 51 very overweight and she wouldn’t give me the time of day in the street in fact she has been int taxi 4 times now and she has absolutely no idea who I am!