I don’t mean to be rude but are you having a giggle.  There is nothing new about this story.  I am not a PUA (Pick up artist) myself but have studied the subject, for similar reasons I imagine that you have studied casual encounters.  The question begs of course what exactly is your experience in this field?  You do not say how it will benefit and I suspect you have just written without much consideration for the people about whom you write.  It’s called Grandeur.

We can talk, but I hate smalltalk.  I’m guessing you’re late 20s and live in a small town and never spent any time in a city in your life.  I wonder who your market is.  You probably haven’t bought any sexy knickers since your last boyfriend dumped you (you still tell people he dumped you) and you sit with red wine late at night on Craigface or whatever.  Sometimes in the bath.
[I explained the project. I asked if he was “negging” me.]
Surprisingly negging is a simple concept but socially quite tricky to get right. Women do it all the time it is more natural for them. I guess that’s why it is an effective part of game. But kino escalation working the two or three sets and also pre selection very powerful concept! As I said though put into practice its all a bit sociopathic!

I read “The Game” a few years ago and worked game for a while. Psychologically it is interesting but ultiamtely pathological. I thought there was a slim chance of you being my friend ___. She wrote a book called the list of Craig about 18 months ago which was a journal of meeting people from Craig’s list and not always complying with their strange requests. I think there was something there but it probably needed refined. She has since moved from London bit would probably be interested in chatting about it if you want to?

As for why I was on Craigslist? Take a guess….. I’m a reasonably normal guy though.

Sorry I didn’t mean to be so abrupt – in a bad mood and also thought it might be ___.

The Game was interesting though. I remember at the time seeing this girl and she said, “___ my sister just read “The Game” stop working game on me.” Totally unintentional. I think an interesting aspect is from the female side…

I’m nearly 32.