I moved to _____ after doing 4 years in a federal pen in _____. I came here in September and since then I have slept with no less than 50 not all but a lot of beautiful woman. I’m always honest with them about my past and I shot u not it actually helps with my game. I love it! And by no means am I an ugly guy. I’m 5’11 225lbs and in great shape. But I look like a bad ass and I find woman love that in a man.

Why were you in the pen? And is that the first question people ask you? Do you find that women try to “fix” you or “trap” you perhaps and if yes, how do you get out of it?

I was in for guns and fighting. That’s always the first question lol So many try and fix me but how the fuck can u fix that which is not broken.

How many women have you slept with? How old are you?

How do you seduce women (have a specific pick up line?)

Do you fuck just for fucking or are you looking for a relationship?

When you say you might be the biggest slut of the project yet… how so?

 What’s the appeal of sleeping with as many women as possible?

I’m 31, I have slept with more women than I can begin 2 count. I would say easy in the high 300 to 400 no joke. But I do it clean for the most part. I do not like sleeping with the same woman 2x some how I just loose all attraction after. Unless they have what I like then I can do repeat. But not often. My pick up line is what ever comes 2 mins. This weekend I had crazy sex with 2 women and all I did was tell the girls they had great asses. It was supposed 2 be 4 girls and me but 2 chickens out.  I am actually seeing a girl right now that gets in on the sex with me but understands that if I don’t sleep with other woman well I’m with her that I’m just going 2 go off and do it on my own.

What kind of women turn you on? There’s this quote: “Scooters are like fat girls, great fun to ride until your friends find out.” Thoughts?

Personality is key!! I go for curves, thick but not fat. Stays in shape, confident but not over confident. I like long hair and nice legs. I prefer dark hair over blond and not a big fan of red. I will never sleep with a girl 2x if she has no ass!! I need a round ass. Firm or jiggly as long as it looks good. I like a good girl that has class and spunk. Not afraid 2 try new things. Tattoos are a plus and a tan is also. I really like smart people. I love getting into intellectual conversations about anything really. That would describe the “goal”woman

For fun I like thick and curves, again not fat. A bit crazy and out going. Adventures and fun. Smarts are not so important because I really have no intentions of talking 2 that kind of girl again. Slutty or bi sexual great combo  if u can find that! They got 2 be in good shape! I’m not going 2 fuck with someone that once there cloths come off everything is not where it should be I’ll also go for thin girls if they have a nice shape, face and personality. Any race but it really depends on the person.

I have met fat girls on line and they make them selves look skinny in there pics, I’m not shy and I’ll tell her 2 go home

Oh god, there’s this time I was on parole and my first time dating on line fresh out of jail. I was talking 2 this girl for like 3 days before we met up, and in her pics she was fit and looked good. Well if they were not 10 year old pics or something! So we met in a train station in _______ and I was with one of my friends from the halfway house, well I was standing there looking around for the girl in the pic. She told me she would be in a blue sweat suit. And the only girl I saw in a blue sweat suit was fat haggard and must have had her hole life in duffle bags with her. Any way she screams my name out in excitement when she saw me, dropped her bags and came running 2 give me a hug with a huge smile on her face, she must have made it 2 with in 5 feet of me. I looked her dead in the eyes and the only words I said was “NO!” Turned and walked away well she was in tears. From that day forward I have never made the mistake of not getting them 2 send a posed selfie that I choose. Don’t get me wrong some girls are good and sneak through, but those are whole other stories.

Why do you think women are so attracted to you?

Because I’m a nice guy, bad boy, buff, tattooed, scared, I’m funny as fuck, I’m fun 2 be around, not shy and confident oh and let’s not forget I’m easy on the eyes.

Do women fall in love with you and how do you deal with that?

Omfg u have no idea how many times I have bin told someone is in love with me. If it comes 2 that I just act like such a peace of shit in hopes they just fuck off! I have legit had 4 full blown stalkers since I moved 2 ______ in September. I sleep with a hunting knife and bear mace beside my bed now after waking up with one standing over me smelling like whisky!!

That sounds scary. Are you serious? About the stalking?

I really am. I went hunting in October with 3 friends for thanks giving, let me clear this up first, “I live in the country with nothing around!!” Ok so this girl showed up knowing I was out hunting saying she was in the area and thought she would pop in and say hi 2 my bros wife. She stayed until I got home 3 days after completely un invited! My bros wife thought she was invited and couldn’t call or text 2 find out because we had no reception. When I got home my room was spotless and she was cleaning my house, bros wife was so tripped out not knowing why the fuck she was here!! I was tired and completely creeped out but didn’t want 2 be a complete ass “after all she just cleaned my house” lol do I said nothing and went 2 my room 2 get some sleep and she came in and tried 2 fuck me but I was completely creeped out and turned off that I pushed her off of me and told her 2 fuck off, when I woke up 8 hours later she was still laying in bed beside me with 1 pant leg still on watching me sleep.