T. replied to my call-out on Craigslist about wanting to talk to men about NSA (no strings attached sex). I’ve removed names and numbers to protect his privacy.

I have been HIV for close to __ years now and disabled so I have plenty of time. This picture is of _____ who passed about __ years ago and was literally the love of my life and a real woman of course. The second pic is of another transsexual past lover named miss ______ Boy was that one wild chick! Ha haaaaaaa….. And the third pic is of __________ again. She is a doll if I may say so myself. I have been over sexed since kindergarten. I literally live for romance and sex and I prefer relationships over one nighters. My first 2 wives were HIV negative as well as 98% of my lovers. ______ is HIV negative.

A; why yes, please excuse me but I have had a couple beers so I am in a rather animated mood so here goes: My first sexual memory was with a couple twin bleach blond sisters literally while in kindergarten. We used to sneak in the oleander bushes during play time in the yard and play with each others pee pees… Harmless of courseand non penetrating but none the less the fascination with each others genitals (them with each other as well) was there.

Another over sexed trait I had very young was my ass… I don’t want to get gross on you but I have always stimulated my ass through various ways since I was a child which funny enough ultimately led me to this point in life at __ to like top transsexuals although I have had a few relationships with them over the years but now I think my last true love in life will be with a top transsexual… God I love to be fucked if I may be so blunt…

Weird thing about me though is I have never really been attracted to men and masculinity, always the fem plus I am quite masculine my self and love to fuck femininity so women were always the focus for me as they were the only ones I could fall in love with… Thus I was married 3 times…. BUT, as a kid and being bisexual I played around with a lot of boys and girls (mostly boys) growing up and for me I never had a problem with a dick, pussy or asshole but facial looks did start coming into play when I started hitting puberty…. The real fascination back then because both sexes were angelic were our genitals. If that makes sense. By the way I grew up very Roman Catholic.

Mind you we never penetrated pussies and asses before puberty and were
always genital touching and oral.

Sorry sweetie… I am getting a bit tired. Time for bed but I will answer the rest of your questions tomorrow in another letter. I am very articulate. Every one of us is so complicated with so many avenues in our sexuality alone let alone the rest of the equations that make each and every one of us….. Sure you can simplify, categorize and somewhat catalog but to tell you the truth…

Then we had a bizarre argument that came out of nowhere—and I had a hissy fit—but later T. came back with more stories. He wasn’t sure if I was real (and I don’t blame him, but it seems I passed the test.)

So here is another answer to one of your questions. Is it difficult dating with HIV. Yes and no.

In terms of getting laid I have no problems getting laid what so ever and that’s even with full HIV disclosure. I tell everybody what their dealing with. Finding the right person on the other hand has been rather tricky since _____ passed.

It’s kinda funny but I have been dating transsexuals for the last couple years and damn if I haven’t had some of the damn cutest LIL things on this planet but they are so fucking superficial it’s just down right a pain in the ass! Figuratively speaking… Ha ha..

Here is another cool answer to your questions. From my own unique sexual perspective the reason I have evolved to transsexual attraction stems from many factors. I have always loved getting fucked basically up the wazoo for a better lack of words but finding a lady who is into this is definitely a needle in a hay stack. My first wife was the funest lover I ever had. She was HIV negative but damn if that girl wouldn’t do anything with me! She was a ball. She grew up bi to and we even had a _______ and I did gay porn up in ______ for awhile so we certainly had a lot of fun sex back then. About 4 years earlier (1988) I started in BDSM as a bottom with a boyfriend named ____ Heh heh, he was pretty damn cute to! So was my first wife!

She actually loved fucking me in the ass!

Anyways, never ever found one like her again. I can only fall in love with women and I love getting screwed so it only makes sense now for me to date and hopefully marry a transsexual some day. Plus I love it bare back and some one topping me this way is the safest form of HIV unprotected sex and to be quite honest its rather spiritual for me when some one cums in me. I don’t do that that much and I have only had 4 transsexuals do this to me but it was pretty special if you asked me.

So yeah, stick with your project. The more people learn about real sexuality the better off we will all be. My perspective is just one in 7 billion so you should have an interesting time with this project and if you need any deviant sexual stories my life is like a Quinting Tarantino porno movie. Pulp fiction for sure.