I strive for having intense and intimate relationships and I’m fully aware that one can not achieve that in a one night stand. Also i have gotten to know myself and one night stands are not sexually satisfying as they are exciting for the pure rush and curiosity. So having said all that, this is how i approach the situation, it is my belief that a man proposes and the woman chooses, so seduction it is usually about the message. What is she looking for? and how is she telling me this and how am i going to meet her wants and needs. Example if a woman is looking for that power, financial type guy who works on Bay st, because she thinks they are  the alpha male, then she will get seduced by those guys all the time and those guys know it.

So onto the questions:

How old are you? 43

What’s your relationship status? Single

How many women do you think you’ve slept with? 20-25 most of them not one night stands… maybe 5 one night stands

Do you have a pick-up technique? What’s your deal?

Well, what I do is read the situation, and be honest. What this means is, if I’m into the girl a lot and i feel a connection I will lay down a path for her to make her move, once that is done then i tell them how i feel about them and just proceed. Again the point, specially now it is not to have a one night stand.

What do you do to “prevent” from falling in love?

If I don’t like the girl, then it won’t happen. But if I like them, then most likely it will happen unless things are complicated, in that case i will just stop. Also try avoiding things like movies, eating out, and sleeping over.

 What’s your opinion on cuddling?

hmm…do it with the one you care about.

How do you seduce women?

They have to want it, then usually by kissing…

What do you wish women knew that they don’t, about men? 

Your idea of alpha males is way off… not every guy is into you, and if you want a relationship, don’t give up the cookie so quick

In this age of political correctness what is one (or two or ten) thing(s) that you find challenging? For example, do you worry about hitting on women might be perceived as sexual harassment? Do you worry about complimenting women in case it gets taken the wrong way?

This (Toronto) is not a city that knows how to interact socially let alone flirt, so yes! Lack of friendliness, self value and self respect are 2 very different things

“Scooters are like fat girls, great fun to ride until your friends find out.” Thoughts?

All subjective…i like curvy and to some guys they would call them fat, and i couldn’t careless, now fat woman in my books, if she wants it, it depends how i read the situation, if i feel they’re looking for a relationship and I don’t want it, then I won’t do it. If they just want to have sex only then it depends how attracted I am. If they are too big for me I won’t do it. If I think they are more than doable then for sure…but can only do it for a for times before the get attached.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I like intense and passionate sex, kinky to a lower level compared to the “kinky” lifestyle type. Because of what I enjoy I cannot have this type of relations without a relationship i do not pursue one night stands