Nickname/ name: Mike

How old are you? 29

What’s your relationship status? Seeing two people

How many women do you think you’ve slept with?

Not sure but more than a 100

Is your aim to sleep with as many women as you can or what are you’re looking for in relationships?

Yea I don’t care to be tied down I’ve got my whole life ahead of me so I’m just sowing my wild oats. The two girls I’m seeing are seeing other people so it’s all good.

What do you do to “prevent” from falling in love?

Can’t do anything to prevent it but it hasn’t happened yet

What’s your opinion on cuddling?

Not a fan but I’ll do it if she’s realy into it

How do you seduce women?

I ask them for their phone number. I ask them out right away if it’s on OKCupid or Craigslist. No point in wasting time.

Do you neg? If yes, why? Does it work for you?

Sure, sometimes. Because it works and it works for me. Younger females are insecure.

What do you wish women knew about men that they don’t necessarily?

That we can see through your game when you say you don’t want a relationship you really do. Also that we will sometimes lie to get in your pants sorry.

In this age of political correctness what is one (or two or ten) thing(s) that you find challenging? For example, do you worry about hitting on women might be perceived as sexual harassment? Do you worry about complimenting women in case it gets taken the wrong way?

I try to be respectful and no one’s ever complained about me

“Scooters are like fat girls, great fun to ride until your friends find out.” Thoughts?


Anything else?

Yes there’s a whole category of females out there called psycho who don’t respect your boundaries especially exes. It’s unbecoming. If I’m not texting you back that doesn’t mean I didn’t get your text, I just don’t care to reply sorry. For the record this is not just females, I haer from female friends guys are like that too.