How many women have you slept with?

in my life?


15 I think

And how do you seduce women?

I don’t think I seduce women. I honestly think I’m just myself

Are you single?

and I like giving affection

Yes I’m recently separated from a marriage

So you’re in a dating paradise now? Or is it hell?

well I’ve been “seeing” someone that I really liked but we were both just ending something so it didn’t really work

Why did you want to talk to me about this anyway? (not being confrontational)

I’ve never felt so compliemented for having had no contact with someone


because I’m an academic at heart and understand the intrigue at pursuing an idea

not that I know the idea that you’re pursuign yet

Okay. So tell me what is one (or two or three) things that you wish women knew about men that you think they don’t

  1. We are more emotional than we are perceived
  2. We like honesty about sex…that women love sex too3. We like to be taken care of as much as we like taking care of women

Would it make it easier to hook up if both sides were honest right away about what they’re after (#2)

  1. Sexy lingeerie and bikinis are always sexy

Have you met any women who were only after sex?

Have you slept with anyone just because the opportunity presented itself but you weren’t really that interested in pursuing a relationship?

yes…I think honesty up front is useful but I haven’t met any person, man or woman, who doesn’t get confused about emotions. it’s one thing to say that one is only into sex, but if it’s great sex, and intimate, then emotions come into play. I don’t think it’s possible to really separate the two. But then again, I’ve rarely had sex with someone that I didn’t connect with otherwise

Rarely. So it has happened?

I had an ongoing relationship with a woman just for sex..but we ended up talking about emotions soon enough

You didn’t like that?

Ive had only 1 one night stand

no I liked the emotional talk

I had a one night stand with a different person

the one night stand was just bad sex

she wasn’t able to relax

Okay, so back to the nsa. Did it end because emotions got to be too much?

yeah so the NSA ….that as ongoing…yeah it ended because she assumed because the sex was intimate, that we were an intimate couple

but at the same time she told me she wanted just sexbut she then admitted she had actually wanted a relationship…sorry if that’s confusingI could have described it better

Did you want a relationship with her?

no I didn’t…

Why not?

I saw that she was not really stable

What do you mean by that?

What about her physical attributes?(Can I be a cunt for the sake of challenging you here?)

she was very judgemental, not warm, and quite inflexible

and her past told me that she wasn’t very affectionate either in terms of her physically appearance, she was sex and beautiful…and she was super smartsexy and she fucked like crazy but in terms of a relatioship…no thanks

What does that mean?”fucked like crazy”?

she loved sex…anytime

loved talking about it, fantasizing, many times per dayand got really into it

Ok. So who ended it?

I did

Because she was unstable.

You didn’t want to “fix” her?


it’s wasn’t a pathology..just her personlality

Despite the fact that she was smart?

yeah she was smart

Smart, hot and likes sex… not good enough (cunt question ☺ )

what does that have to do with it?

not enough for a relationship no

Perhaps I’m projecting. Sorry.

yeah sounds like it…you sound judgmental

I do? I don’t mean to be. Apologies.

This is challenging for me too, for the record.

you’re clearly aware of it since you’re describing them as cunt questions

but you’re prone to offend?

For sure.


so what, you don’t like men who date?

I do

Or I should say, I’m detached from it

you’re detached from dating?

This isn’t about me

yeah that’s ideal

I haven’t actually “dated” since my marriage ended

I’m detached from my subject. The subject is to have an honest conversation about dating.

I hate the idea

The dating idea?

I don’t want to be dating yeah

Why not?

I’d rather be in a relationship and monogamous and happy. I was deeply in love with my wife

So is OKCupid working out at all?

I like monogamy because i think there’s something special between two people who share everything and are a team, I only joined OKCupid last week

Don’t you get bored with monogamy?

I never was bored with monogamy while I had it

Have you ever met anyone from OKC?

No I haven’t met anyone yet

Have you heard of negging?And if yes, what do you think of it?

I don’t know what negging is…what is it?

OK..I wouldn’t know how to use this strategy

You’re a nice guy

Yep, I think so anyway