Nickname/ name: Sam

How old are you? 34

What’s your relationship status? Married

How many women do you think you’ve slept with? 10 (6 from CL)

What do you do to “prevent” from falling in love?

It may seem weird, but I’m already in love with my wife. I don’t really worry about falling in love with someone else. There’s a vast chasm between lust and love. I’ve definitely fallen in lust with some of the women I’ve been with, but never love.

What’s your opinion on cuddling? It’s great. I’m into it.

How do you seduce women?

I listen. I ask them what they think about things. I try to find areas of common interest between us to have a conversation about. In short, I treat them like they’re people and not a public sex-hole that needs to be gamed.

Do you neg? If yes, why? Does it work for you? 

The whole concept is completely ridiculous. Of course I don’t.

What do you wish women knew that they don’t, about men?

I think women know *exactly* what they need to know about men.

In this age of political correctness what is one (or two or ten) thing(s) that you find challenging? For example, do you worry about hitting on women might be perceived as sexual harassment? Do you worry about complimenting women in case it gets taken the wrong way?

I don’t worry about any of these things because I don’t come into a situation with some kind of creepy ulterior motive. I’m decidedly *not* a pick-up artist–which is what these questions seem to have been generated in response to. I use CL because you can find someone who is like-minded about the experience that’s desired. A one-night hook-up? A date and then sex situation? A quick fuck in a public bathroom? It’s all discussed and agreed upon before we meet.

“Scooters are like fat girls, great fun to ride until your friends find out.” Thoughts? Ridiculous. 🙂 Scooters are fun, and any dude who is ashamed of his sex partner because of his friends needs to do some work on his own self esteem.