Nickname/ name: sigs

How old are you? I’m 31

What’s your relationship status? Currently single.

How many women do you think you’ve slept with? 25 give or take the really drunk nights

What do you do to “prevent” from falling in love?

I try and look at hooking up etc as a business transaction. I we both have a service to offer.

What’s your opinion on cuddling?

Honestly even if it is a hook up cuddling is nice. Sex is sex but everyone wants a little intimacy

How do you seduce women?

I’m confident, a little bit of an ass and honest. To the point. No need to waste time.

Do you neg? If yes, why? Does it work for you?

I don’t know what msg is lol

What do you wish women knew that they don’t, about men?

That we really are very simple creatures. Women tend to over think what guys are thinking.

In this age of political correctness what is one (or two or ten) thing(s) that you find challenging? For example, do you worry about hitting on women might be perceived as sexual harassment? Do you worry about complimenting women in case it gets taken the wrong way?

Not at all. A compliment shouldn’t be creepy. If I’m unsure how it will go over I play the shy card.

“Scooters are like fat girls, great fun to ride until your friends find out.” Thoughts?  

 Hey if you’re into larger women more empower to you and them. Not my thing.