It was both fascinating and disturbing to read Jowita Bydlowska’s debut novel, Guy, during the same week news broke of Donald Trump’s 2005 comments describing how he likes to treat (or rather, sexually assault) women. As the recorded revelation sparked a widespread discussion about what men really say about women behind closed doors, and while Trump defenders misguidedly tried to justify his vile remarks as nothing more than “locker room talk,” I was spending time inside the head of Bydlowska’s eponymous and misogynist lead character.

“What guy wouldn’t want to sit home on his ass wondering which fuck buddy to invite over tonight?”

What do I do… that’s a good question. I don’t think I do anything all that exceptional. I’m good at finding real adds and answering them in a way that addresses what they’re looking for i guess, rather than just being like “hey baby, lets fuck” and sending a pick of my cock lol. once I actually get a response back from a girl is when things get interesting. I talk to a lot more girls than I meet. and I meet more girls than I actually fuck. In some ways, the failures are probably more interesting.

In my life I’ve been with about 75 girls, the last few years I bag about 12-15 a year on CL, and no pros or sugar babies or anything like that, all girls who are looking to fuck on one level or another. I have 2 right now who just come over every week or so just to have sex with me. We never go out, never do anything else. I bought the one a couple drinks on our first meeting, that’s it. They’ve both been steady for a few months. What guy wouldn’t want to sit home on his ass wondering which fuck buddy to invite over tonight? lol This place (CL) is a gold mine if you know what you’re doing and aren’t an ass, which it seems most of the guys here are. I think, no I know, I’d probably have better luck if all the sketchos didn’t scare half the girls away.

“if you can connect with a woman in that manner then she will give you all the clues and hints to open her legs”

How old are you?  46

How many women have you been with?  Close to 100 

Do you have a pick-up technique?

There is no one “technique”. Every woman is different. Every situation is different. What you might do to pick up a woman on CL  might be COMPLETELY different than what you do with someone you met in a bar and radically different from what you might do to a woman you see every day in a certain setting (such as work or the gym). There is one common denominator though and that is you need to CONNECT. The brain is the greatest erogenous zone and if you can connect with a woman in that manner then she will give you all the clues and hints to open her legs. 

What do you think makes men most successful with women?

This depends on the woman. Some women are turned on by money and power. Some are turned on by big muscles. The majority of women are turned on by INTELLIGENCE. 

What are your deal breakers when it comes to women?

Hygiene and class. A gum snapping bimbo will make my hard-on go limp. Smoking is also a turn off. It implies a lack of self control and a lack of intelligence. Don’t get me wrong- if a woman could only smoke one cigarette (after sex maybe?) or with a drink than it’s no different than a man smoking an occasional cigar but a chain smoker is just plain gross. 

Is there a difference between a girl for just one night versus a relationship “material”? What’s the difference?

This is obviously a personal decision. I have had long term relationships with women that I slept with immediately and vice versa. Again- if you both mutually agree on a NSA on-night stand, than your criteria are going to be a little different but it all starts with attraction (both physical and mental). The nuances come with things you figure out later- like how you each feel about situations and ideas. (Especially when you start talking about saving money, raising children religion and politics). 

What do you think women get wrong about men? Or what would you like women to know about men that you don’t think they do?

I think more women have men figured out than men have women figured out (not including myself…LOL). I think both need to know that in order for a relationship to work (and this goes for both the sexual and other aspects) they need to constantly ask themselves “How would this make my partner feel”. They have to look at things from both perspectives and truly make the effort to make sure the other feels appreciated.

Do you believe in monogamy and if yes/ no, why?

I do and I don’t. It’s really a personal decision and while I think it should be the goal of everyone in a relationship- we all will admit to having either cravings or actual experiences outside of our relationship (including myself)

What’s the strangest date you’ve ever been on?

Had a girl stalk me- she made it a point to be become friends with my friends and even family. After her practically insisting I take her out- I caved and we went out for dinner. While she knew we were going to a very nice steakhouose, she never told me she was vegan so dinner became “drinks”. After a few drinks, I noticed a nasty scar on her left wrist. I asked about it and she stated she had put her hand through the glass part of a door during a fight with her ex-BF. A short time later I noticed a matching scar on her RIGHT wrist. I claimed to be tired, took her home and after dropping her off- found out my friends were driving around looking for me when they found out I had a date with that “crazy suicidal girl”. 

Would you go to bed with a woman you’re not attracted to just because why not? And why?

No- it’s like mutual masturbation at that point and I have a great imagination and I’m good with my right hand so if I needed to pretend I’m with someone else- I might as well just jerk off. 

Anything else you’d like to share?-

LOTS!!!!   Tell me which you want to hear more about. My last FWB (age 23), the mother and daughter who wanted to sleep with me, the employee who tried to have sex with me, the vendor who didn’t realize we knew each other when I answered her CL ad for NSA….and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. (Maybe we should write a book together 😉 

“I’m like a “dry drunk” – it’s just a question of when.”

How old are you?

45 but fortunate to look quite a bit younger…besides women are both more catholic in what attracts them.

How many women have you been with?

The subset of women I’ve had sex with because of the internet…somewhere between 30-50 I’d guess. Lots of drinks and blowjobs and other variations that didn’t lead to sex.

How do you usually meet women?

In the real world of New York. Bars, physical therapy offices, conferences (if I’m a speaker it’s especially easy)

Do you have a (pick up) technique?

I wouldn’t say so. I’m not usually one to walk up and start a conversation, in part because that’s unseemly for a married man, in part because at heart I’m shy. But once a conversation starts, I’m articulate and funny so it’s not hard to keep talking.

Why do you think women like you / your technique?

At first because I’m good looking, then because I’m funny and (I know this sounds absurd) because I’m an otherwise good man with this Achilles heel with sex (and by sex I’m including everything from flirtation to seduction to the wild pornographic stuff)

Would you sleep with someone you were embarrassed to be seen with in public (if yes/ no, why?)

Never. Well, once in Colorado in the 90s under extenuating circumstances. Sadly, I’m looking for some kind of validation in sex so I have to feel good about them…that they’re not drunk or desperate or broken.

What would you like women to know about male mind? (What do women get wrong about men?)

Hell, I’m not sure that I can add to the infinite dialog on this. Perhaps this. Speaking in general (and I really mean in general…I know enough exceptions in life to know that it’s not 90%/10%…it’s more like 65/35)…men start where women end, and vice versa. Women often put the man they’re with into a template of “how can I care about him…why do I care…what’s the potential) even if the setting is short term. As they get answers to those questions they’re more sexually attracted and open. Men start with sex, the dirtier the better, and move toward more emotional terrain. It’s especially ironic since in long term relationships men stop wanting the hot, dirty stuff, the long kisses and courtship level sex…while women are more driven than ever. Again…highly variable.

Is there anything that you’d never admit to in public when it comes to dating? (this is totally anonymous btw.)

Apart from the fact that I do, nothing comes to mind. I’m pretty open. I might not tell someone that I love rough sex the first time I meet them, but there’s not much off limits ; )

Girl of your dreams?

Smart and funny for the long run…comfortable in her own skin…easy going…good at managing the relationship…respectful of my contributions…open enough to recognize that monogamy is unnatural so that either you circumvent it or get creative.

Why “used to”? What changed?

I have a daughter who is the gravity in my universe. But I’m like a “dry drunk” – it’s just a question of when.

“I dropped to my knees raising her dress ( yummy ) I later learned her partner was in another room.”

What men are afraid is to be honest. Confidence, charisma, compliments.
I can say I haven’t picked up a girl for casual sex but have been chosen to perform who doesn’t like a sure thing; was about 27 approached a girl to tell her how attractive she was  she smiled and said you’ll have to do better than that. I said can I show you then and yes I produced myself and was then a sure thing.
Went back to hers and pleased her every way I knew how ( CCC ) [no idea what this stands for]
I was at party girl in kitchen was being droned over by half dozen guys trying to entertain her. I kept my distance but just close enough to catch her eye and mouthed hello she looked long enough for me to gesture for her to follow me and she did in to the bathroom where I dropped to my knees raising her dress ( yummy ) I later learned her partner was in another room.
I could go on, there’s a lot more.

“I haven’t so much as had a cup of coffee with a woman in over 21 years. “

There is no secret to meeting women, all you have to do is have the ability to talk to them. Therein lies the problem. I have never had the nerve or talent that would enable me to approach a woman. I couldn’t approach a woman to strike up a conversation to save my life. I had the misfortune of being seated next to a woman at a class a few years ago, and I was so intimidated by her mere presence I didn’t say one word to her for the duration of the class, which was about 7 hours. I haven’t so much as had a cup of coffee with a woman in over 21 years. And, of course, since I don’t look like Brad Pitt or George Clooney, the women aren’t going to approach me. Besides, society says the man is supposed to be the one pursuing. Anyway, it’s gotten to the point that I don’t leave the house unless it’s necessary because I know if I do, I’ll see women everywhere whom I would love to meet, but will not meet because I can’t talk to them. So I stay home and read or watch T.V. Hell of a life, isn’t it?

“little empathy for their attention or interest or given affection and reject them by mentally boycotting myself by wearing them down through random texts”

I’d like to participate but i wouldn’t consider myself successful with women. Instead i tend to reject most women if they are not perfect. Sometimes i make plans and cancel at the very last minute. I seem to enjoy the idea of spending time with them sometimes even having sex. But at the last minute i much prefer being alone and not deal with them specially if in someway i know that it would lead to more even if it is just sex. I rather not get involved at all. I think the problem is that i like someone i can’t have and no one would ever be that person. I wouldn’t settle with a second or third price. Mentally if it’s not what i want i don’t want anything else. I get a great thrill knowing that i’m very charming and treat girls very nicely, enough to be well liked and sought after. But in the end none of these girls stand any chance. I have been drunk enough to make out with some but i never make it into bed cause i wouldn’t want to compromise or deal with having to explain that i don’t really or could fancy anyone else. I have never treated girls poorly in anyway but i’m beginning to feel Psychopathic in terms of having little empathy for their attention or interest or given affection and reject them by mentally boycotting myself by wearing them down through random texts that describe how i feel towards certain topics or people, politics. religion, gender or whatever is relevant at the time that could provoke adversity or controversy, Many times i enjoy the reactions knowing that i can really wind these girls up. Sometimes i ask them to send me provocative or cheeky messages to arouse myself enough but then afterwards i turn things off. Many times i feel like these actions make these girls like me more. I am technically very single and available but impervious to any commitment or compromise that could involve more than momentary attention. When i get completely bored i suggest that i get set up with one of their friends to attend a certain party where i would need to be seen with a very specific person usually different enough to the person i ask for help. I don’t sleep around but do amuse myself doing this so much now that i find it a way to get attention from several people without any compromise or guilt cause i’m note really doing more than interacting mostly by text.

“Never play on a lady’s weakness or insecurities … or anyone’s for that matter. That’s evil, and desperate.”

So how many women have you been with? 
I’ve dated 4-6 girls when I was in HS/College and earlier on when I started working; and have met over a dozen ladies in XXX the last decade or so.  I travel a lot and have met other ladies in other cities but they really don’t count as it is hard to maintain even a casual relationship when you are flying in and out of a city.
What do you do to pick up women? Have a special technique, play on their insecurities, are a nice guy… do you pick up women on line?
No, I don’t have any techniques – I tell them exactly what I am about.  Unless being a nice guy/gentleman is a technique (that’s one’s breeding, so I won’t consider being a gentleman a “technique” per se).  In one of my first dates, the lady walked out as I had used an older pic of myself (in my defence it is tough for guys to have good pics as we are not proned to taking massive amount of selfies, etc. but I’ve since invested in some recent and professionally taken pics).
I have two dating persona – one for the ladies interested in just casual encounters for fun and kink (I am a shibari master and these ladies are aware of what I am about with rope play), and another for longer-term relationships.  Most of the ladies I’ve dated in XXX I’ve met on-line on CL (I mostly respond within the “Casual Encounters” or the “Women for Men” sections, for the two categories of ladies I’ve met, respectively).  I travel a lot and I am equally up front with the ladies I’ve met in other cities.
P/S:  Never play on a lady’s weakness or insecurities … or anyone’s for that matter.  That’s evil, and desperate.
What are the biggest challenges when dating multiple women
When one lady slowly becomes serious and you have to figure out a way to phase out of the others.  This is not an issue with casual encounters … the more the merrier in this case (although when I am in a LTR, I do not meet others casually).
Are you looking for something more serious ultimately and if not/ yes, why?
Can’t really look for anything serious as that is really presumptious … when it happens it happens.  However in one case, it developed into a LTR, for 2 very nice years before we broke up.
What’s the craziest experience you’ve ever had while dating?
From my Casual Encounters persona, rope bondage (this I had always explored, way before 50-shades made it popular).  Rope bondage may sound rough and painful, but it is all about mutual power exchange.  I am engaged in a more ceremonial form of rope bondage (tea ceremony included) that is slow and easy, sensual and intimate … before it gets intense as each lady has a different threshold for intensity.
The nicest?
The 2-year LTR.  It was an awesome relationship where we were both honest with each other’s wants and needs and us making changes in our lives to accommodate each other.  We had a very intimate/sensual relationship for two solid years before it ended abruptly (we couldn’t reconcile my travels and my love for ropes).
How old are you? 
Early 40s.

“I have much more respect for girls that fuck when they want to fuck, with no regard for probably misguided pieces of conventional wisdom.”

Disclaimer: These were supposed to be anonymous contributions but I know S. and he was interested in contributing once he found out about the site. In case you’re interested S. is a cross between Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy (more Channing). He’s got very interesting hobbies and is probably one of the smartest men I’ve met. He lived in Canada for a short while but he’s from Europe originally and has a killer accent. Basically, a dreamboat. Over to S.:

How many women have you been with?


What’s your “game?” How do you approach women (online, in real life)?

I almost always initiate things online, via a dating site or tinder (and occasionally even facebook). In my eyes this has many advantages, and overall I think it’s just a better way of doing things. First of all, you know straight off that everyone there is at least open to meeting someone, which is not true in ‘real life’. Second, it really takes the sting out of rejection. Rejection happen frequently and it is a lot easier to take when it’s not face to face. Third, I think it takes a much greater ‘psychological effort’ to initiate a conversation with a stranger in ‘real life’ than it does online.

On dating sites, if I message first, it’s usually short, often with slightly zany humour regarding something in their profile. A lot of girls have extraordinarily generic profiles, in which case I use a non-generic sounding, generic message. The generic profile doesn’t necessarily indicate anything; many of them just haven’t put much time of effort into it, for whatever reason. On tinder, I use the same opening message every time. Writing stacks of messages that are never read or replied to can be pretty soul-destroying, and the reply rate is always low. So I try to minimise the amount of time I spend doing it.

Once they’ve shown interest by replying, they get longer, more interesting, and non-generic messages. They are often a mix of the surreal and the mundane. So, there will be talk about jobs, hobbies, interests, blah blah, mixed in with my latest observations regarding Jon Bon Jovi’s ever-evolving hairdo. Or something like that. I have fun with it :).

I’ll ask them out fairly soon thereafter, probably somewhere between the 8 and 20 total messages mark. I don’t count or anything, those are just fairly typical numbers for when I think she’s ready for it.

First date is always the same place and the same time:
The place – A local bar, 5-10mins walk from my house. It makes it easier to suggest going back to mine later, and cuts down on transit time. A relatively quiet bar where it’s easy to talk. It has couches where you sit side by side – it can be incredibly awkward kissing someone across a table. It also has an upstairs area which most people don’t seem to know about, so it’s a little like we’re in our own world. It’s a good place :).
The time – 9pm. I’m pretty busy, and I find it least interruptive to my schedule for the date to be the last thing I do before I hit the sack.
I think most girls appreciate me just telling them a time and place rather than them having to decide, or having a discussion about it. Incidentally, I find that it works out less often with girls that insist on a different time or place. I have found that they more often have ‘difficult’ personalities (less willing to compromise on anything and more insistent on always having their own way), which I can’t really be arsed with.

I dress smart casual for the date. I usually buy the first round. After that I will happily sit and chat with an empty glass until she offers to buy the next round. It’s not that I can’t afford it, it’s just that the expectation that people will buy you stuff because you have a vagina irks me greatly. It’s a personal gripe. And again, I find that girls who expect the guy to pay for everything are more likely to have a ‘difficult’ personality, the kind that I have little time for.

On the date, I am myself. That’s right, take that, dating gurus! It’s a combination of small-talk, showing interest in the other person and gentle humour. At this stage of the game, it’s about your skill as a conversationalist i.e. can you sit down opposite a stranger and talk for an hour or two and have a great time.

As the date goes on, I have to gauge how interested she is. I think girls think they’re more obvious than they are. I think this is largely due to the fact that different girls show interest in different ways, and in varying strengths. So, while it’s perfectly clear to the girl what all her signals mean, the guy has seen the same signals many other times in different circumstances, meaning very different things.

If I’m pretty certain about it, I’ll kiss them. I do this in the following way:
1. Wait for a pause in the conversation
2. Look directly, unflinchingly at them and say their name. She should turn towards you and look at you.
3. Kiss her.
Once I’m kissing her, if it’s good, I try not to stop. I escalate, slowly. To the point where we’re both fairly turned on, and the question is not “shall I go home with this guy?”, but rather “why are we borderline fucking in a public place rather than at his house?”. This, by the way, is another advantage of being in the secluded upstairs section – you don’t want to be doing this with an audience.

If I’m not as sure, but still kinda sure, I’ll suggest we grab a drink at my place, which is conveniently very close by. If she says yes to this, she’s definitely interested. I repeat the above at my house, and it usually leads pretty quickly to the bedroom.

If I’m not sure, we part ways and if I’m up for it, I’ll later ask her for a second date. If she says yes, she’s definitely interested, and I’ll definitely kiss her/try take her home, as described above.

I think this is a pretty good way of dealing with uncertainty over whether she’s into you or not. It’s only ever happened to me three times, but going in for a kiss to have the girl do the ‘snake dance’ on you is pretty humiliating and hard to brush off. So this minimises the chances of that happening.

It is, annoyingly, rather common for the girl to engage in a game of ‘sexual brinkmanship’ once you’re in the bedroom. Essentially she doesn’t want to ‘give it away too easily’, or can’t quite make her mind up, or something else. I used to think this was funny in my younger years, I’d just do everything I could to get them super turned on and chuckle to myself watching the internal dilemma unfold animated by their facial expressions. Now I find it extremely tedious and annoying. The phrase ‘shit or get off the pot’ comes to mind. There appears to be a common belief that it is a good thing to not put out too soon, or to make the guy wait for it. I can’t speak for other men, but I find girls like that… well, tedious and annoying. I have much more respect for girls that fuck when they want to fuck, with no regard for probably misguided pieces of conventional wisdom.

This may all seem somewhat Machiavelian. Perhaps it is. It’s a method that’s been shaped by much painful trial and error. The problem is that there is a huge, gaping chasm between initial interest and sex. The journey between the two can be fucked up in a multitude of different ways, and women are pretty unforgiving. A single stray sentence, a misstep or hesitation can get you blown out of the water at any time. The net effect is that it often goes nowhere with two people that might be very into each other, and because of trivial, ‘logistical’ reasons. Making the big moves can be extremely nerve-wracking, and you don’t want to be trying to figure out what to do when you’re nervous. Better to know exactly what you’re doing. So I don’t see a problem with going to effort to do things in a way that make it less likely for it to be ruined for a stupid reason.

Is there something that you do that women tend to fall for?

I’m not sure that I could point to one thing in particular.

What is that you would like women to know that you would never admit to/ say in public?

I have found that most of them are bad at sex. I assume most men are too, but it’s only women I have experience with. This has been a huge disappointment for me. When they are bad, it is almost always because of passivity/inactivity, or what I call the ‘dead fish’ approach to having sex.

I almost always find that my relationships with women, romantic or otherwise, become ‘burdensome’ to me. It sounds like a horrible thing to say, but it is unfortunately how I feel. I find that women tend to make a set of demands on me that often grows over time, to the point where they become a set of chores that I have to carry out to keep them happy. It’s kinda shitty. I find male friendships very refreshing in that sense, because there are zero expectations. And I typically find greater intimacy in my male friendships – they think more like me and they understand me in ways I don’t think it will ever be possible for women to.

Do you like sleeping around (if you do) and if yes, why? (Or I mean, I know why but maybe go deeper into why not a relationship.)

Sort of. On the rare occasions when it happens, it’s really nice finding a girl who’s fun to be around and that you can have wild, crazy sex with. On the other hand, seducing women is a massive time sink and very often an exercise in getting dicked around. It’s a lot of effort and it is unfortunately the norm for the sex to be disappointing. I constantly find myself questioning whether it’s worth it. And introspecting about the reasons why I might think it is. I have no doubt that, for whatever reasons, men tend to feel like ‘winners’ when they’re fucking lots of girls, and like ‘losers’ when they’re not, and that has no small part to play.

My previous answer touched on why no relationship. I have always been pretty happy on my own, and somewhat stand-off-ish when it comes to other people, even since childhood. I don’t like to place my happiness/life outcomes in someone else’s hands.

Would you sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be seen in public? (Because she wouldn’t be conventionally attractive)

Depends what ‘in public’ means. I’m never going to sleep with someone who I’m that embarrassed of that I can’t walk down the street with them. That’s a terrible way to be. On the other hand, I would not take the majority of women I sleep with out with my friends. It’s not that I’m ashamed, it’s that it’ll make hanging out with my friends less fun.

How do you turn down someone’s advances?

It obviously depends how it’s done. Face to face, it’s rare that anything more than a polite ‘no thank you’ is needed. Online I tend to just not message back. I prefer being let down with a non-reply rather than an explicit ‘no’, so that’s what I do. Though I realise some people prefer the clear ‘no’.

What was your experience like with women in Canada?

Not great. I don’t want to generalise to all of Canada, since it is surely a vast and very diverse place. Kitchener/Waterloo wasn’t good though. First of all, there were very few women on dating sites/tinder. Really surprisingly few. Kitchener/Waterloo has a similar size population to Edinburgh, and there is a virtually inexhaustible supply here. I have my own theory as to why that is, and it largely revolves around the differences between North American and European cities. North American cities suffer from urban sprawl, which I think perhaps makes people more likely to stay in their little home enclave and less likely to want to interact with other people.

Secondly, and at the risk of sounding like an ass, I found there to be far fewer women around that I found physically attractive. Again I have my own theory about why this is so. I reject the idea that some nation’s women are genetically more attractive than others (with the exception if you actually do find women of certain races more attractive). I think it’s a cultural thing. I found that women in Canada put a lot less effort into their appearance. In my experience they often dress dowdy, no makeup, etc. Now, there is certainly a balance to be struck here – it’s also not good at the other extreme where they cake on make up with a trowel and take 3 hours to get ready. But I think Canadian women on the whole are on the wrong side of it. I take some pride over my appearance, and it’s nice when girls do the same.

I found Canadian women more conservative then British women. They seemed to be more concerned with being ‘chaste’ or ‘virtuous’ or whatever you want to call it. I think these are silly, archaic concepts. I think if you want to fuck someone, you should do it with no regard for what other people think. It’s annoying to have to bang your head against this mindset.

Finally, I feel like there was a sociocultural gap that made things a bit shitty. I think I would often make jokes or say things that I found fairly innocuous, that Canadian girls would often interpret as being rather ‘out there’. I think it was just a cultural thing – in Britain I feel like we have a culture that values zany wit. In Canada I feel like small talk was more the norm.

Of course everything I’ve said here comes with a big caveat. My sample size wasn’t exactly big, and it’s possible I just didn’t have great luck.

Any other anecdotes you want to share?

Yes. I want to share the story of ‘How I got here’.

I suppose that I have sex with more girls than most guys. Though I haven’t slept with an astronomical number. This may be because I was a very late starter, and actually a fairly unlikely candidate for a roving lothario in my early days.

I was utterly clueless when it came to women in my teenage years and into my early 20s. I think I had poor social awareness and more broadly just had no idea what to do. So, for example, the first girl I ever fancied in high school; I reasoned that if she liked me, she’d do something about it, since I obviously had no idea. She did like me, and for the next, ooh say 2 years, I continued to admire from afar. One day it apparently occurred to me to do something about it. I asked her to go out for lunch together, at recess. She shut me down really hard. Of course whatever interest she had in me had died a long time ago. It hurt pretty bad; the words ‘never fancied you and never will’ still stick out in my head.

Let’s fast forward several thoroughly girl-less years, which included highlights such as being one of three people who went to prom without a date, and having my parents think I was gay. I have just turned 18 and I am in Brazil for 4 months learning Brazilian jiu jitsu. I was at class one day sparring, and there was a super hot Brazilian girl there selling her gi. I would later find out that she was quitting because the guys in the class kept on hitting on her inappropriately. She was staring at me a lot and I didn’t know why. A Brazilian friend of mine who spoke English was talking to her, and after the class he called me over to maybe work out a deal over the gi. He basically chatted her up for me, and I ended up with her number (this is the sort of miracle it took for me to get an ‘in’ with a girl back then). We went on a date not long after.

We were on the beach in Copacabana, at night. She kissed me. It was my first. It felt weird. Then she took me back to her house. She had sex with me. Also my first (when it rains, it pours).

I didn’t feel good afterwards. In fact I felt pretty icky. In the morning, she kissed me goodbye and when I got home, the first thing I did was wash my mouth out and take a shower. We never met up again, but not for lack of her trying. And that was my first time.

Fast forward several more girl-less years. Highlights include the sudden realisation, at the age of 19, that men are supposed to do the chasing. A genius I am not. I felt that I had more or less learned to live without women by this point. I was terrified of showing my interest in girls, but not because of the possibility of rejection. It was because I had internalised the belief that women find male sexuality an inconvenience at best, and a direct threat at worst. I was terrified of being labelled a creep or a sleeze-ball, of inflicting that upon another person. Then I met Will.

Will was an older guy I trained Brazilian jiu jitsu with, who to some degree had been and still was in a similar position. Except he had an answer. He had spent a great deal of time consuming pick up artist (PUA) literature.

I read ‘The game’ by Neil Strauss. You have to understand, that to a 19/20 year old guy who had spent the last 5/6 years suppressing my sexual desires and feeling like a loser for not being able to get women, this read like the holy grail. Surely this ‘PUA’ stuff is the answer!

So, we set about hitting on women. Lots of women. Everywhere. Pick up artists tend to have ‘routines’; memorised pieces of dialogue, stories, jokes etc that they use over and over. I tried this once and immediately didn’t like it. I can’t tell you how disingenuous it feels to have a choreographed conversation. I never did it again.

Nonetheless, we took some of the broad principles and tried to apply them. And we had a great time doing it. It was a great rush of excitement at first; being able to go up to a random girl and get her interested in you feels great, especially for a young guy starved of female attention. We didn’t actually sleep with many women at all. It became about the excitement of talking to girls, being outrageous and ridiculous and seeing what we could get away with.

I look back at myself at that time and think I probably came across as a cocky wanker. Anyway, over time this stuff gradually became less fun. The thrill of having girls attracted to us became old, and the ever present possibility of being shut down in brutal/humiliating fashion started to make it not worth it. And I increasingly came to see our antics as juvenile.

Fast forward a few more, quasi girl-less years. I make my first internet dating profile. At first I made lots of mistakes; bad photos, bad messages, bad timing. Over the course of a year or two I perfect the art. I have sex with lots of girls. And gradually this dictum from Oscar Wilde seems more and more appropriate:

“There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it”

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